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Safety regulations & industrial equipment are in a state of continual motion. For 45+ years, ISSC has served industrial end-users & municipalities with the latest safety products and services.

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How to Maintain Your Respirator [Tailgate Meeting topics #2]

December 19, 2017

We all know how important it is for municipal workers to wear respirators. But, do you realize that it’s just as important to maintain them? If a respirator is not maintained, it could malfunction or deteriorate.  We’re talking about something as important as a respirator. So, you want to make sure that it’s going to work properly. Train your employees by giving them this tailgate meeting called “How to Maintain Your Respirators.” ...Read More

How to Wear a Fall Protection Harness [Tailgate Meeting Topics #1]

December 05, 2017

How often do the employees at your job site wear fall protection harnesses? The next time you’re out there, take a look around. Count how many people are wearing harnesses. Then, look a little closer. Count how many people are wearing them the correct way. They might know when to wear a harness. But, do they actually know how to wear a harness? Properly? ...Read More

Two Ways to Fit Test Municipal Workers: Qualitative & Quantitative Testing

November 30, 2017

Municipal workers face exposure  to deadly gases and harsh conditions every day. One way  these workers protect themselves on the job is by wearing a facemask, or respirator. But, simply wearing a respirator isn’t enough. Employees need to be fit tested to ensure that they are adequately protected. Workers must also adhere to all other OSHA requirements for respirator use.   ...Read More